Treated with Respect and Understanding

Stacy was warm and understanding from the very first moment we met. My ex-wife and I sold our mutual home and Stacy represented us the entire time. We share joint custody of our child and it was a potentially a negative situation not only for Us, but also for our child. The situation was not the best for our family, but she understood and worked with us every step of the way. She was an instrumental part in the transition of selling the house in regards to how it might affect our son. She was available at almost any hour via email, text, or phone call. She coached us in how best to answer questions and negotiations. We needed several contractors to meet the buyers demands, and her references for contractors where fabulous. Each one was wonderful and helpful and understood our situation. The amount of information gathering and research that she brought to the table was invaluable and comforting. We made choices based on concrete fact that was provided from her research, which was updated and communicated to us immediately if it changed. To sum it up. Stacy did not look at us as just customers, but as people. She treated us with the utmost respect and understanding. I was always confident that she had our families best interests in mind and in her heart. I would recommend her to anyone for purchasing and/or selling a house.